And for my next fic….

No, this is not another update. I’m not a robot/machine. Sorry, no mad Terminator skills for me. 

My next fic will probably be a My Best Friend’s Wedding type thing where Ep plans to sabotage the Marius/Cosette wedding.

Throw some crazy plans at me. Tell me tales of bad advice she can give, or things that she can do to Marius or Cosette. Make it crazy and dramatic, because Eponine would not go for less. Enjolras will be her mostly willing sidekick. 

Any applause for the idea should go to the lovely Hihiyas, for prompting me. 

So, any ideas???

Mar 28 · 12 notes

  1. hihiyas said: I dunno why my prompts recently are based on movies, but OMG ILU for doing this!
  2. goldifuckzzz answered: Drunk speeches, fake hookers, ugly gossip, up-dancing, eponine out of the cake at the bachelor parteeey!! Looking forwards to this!! :D
  3. adashelbys answered: Nothing says “worst wedding ever” like setting something on fire… or perhaps releasing the hounds?
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